Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i33 Technical Reference

All Things Industrial i33 Air Prep Units Filter/Separator with manual drain Filter/Separator with automatic drain Oil Removal Filter Automatic Drain Lubricator less drain Lubricator with manual drain Lubricator with automatic filling Air Line Pressure Regulator adjustable, relieving Air Line Pressure Regulator pilot controlled, relieving Filter/Regulator (piggyback) Manual Drain Relieving (without gauge) Filter/Regulator (piggyback) Auto Drain Relieving Air Line Combo F-R-L simplified Pneumatic Valves Check Flow Control Relief Valve 2-Position, 2-Way 2-Position, 3-Way 2-Position, 4-Way 4-Ported 2-Position, 4-Way 5-Ported 3-Position, 4-Way ports closed, center position 3-Position, 4-Way, y 5-Ported cylinder ports open to pressure in center position Quick Exhaust Shuttle Valve Actuators Manual General Symbol Push Button Lever Pedal or Treadle Mechanical Cam, Toggle, etc. Spring Detent - Line indicates which detent is in use Solenoid Internal Pilot Supply Remote Pilot Supply And/or Composite solenoid and pilot or manual override And/or Composite solenoid and pilot or manual override and pilot Pneumatic Symbols

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