Applied Product Catalog 2017 2018 Page i43 Technical Reference

All Things Industrial i43 Pump Formulas Formula For: Word Formula: Letter Formula: PUMP OUTLET FLOW In Gallons/Minute Q = nd/231 PUMP INPUT POWER In Horsepower Required Hp in = QP/1714Eff. or (GPM x psi)/1714Eff. PUMP EFFICIENCY Overall in Percent Eff OV = (HP out P /HP in ) x 100 Overall Efficiency = Volumetric Eff. x Mechanical Eff. Eff ov = Eff vol x Eff mech PUMP EFFICIENCY Volumetric in Percent Eff vol = (Q act /Q theo ) x 100 PUMP EFFICIENCY Mechanical in Percent Eff mech = (T theo /T act ) x 100 PUMP LIFE B 10 Bearing Life B 10 = Rated Hrs x (RPM r /RPM r n ) x (P r /P r n ) 3 Actuator Formulas Formula For: Word Formula: Letter Formula: CYLINDER AREA In Square Inches Area = x Radius 2 (Inches) A = r 2 Area = (P/4) x Diameter 2 (Inches) A = ( D 2 )/4 or A = .785D 2 CYLINDER FORCE In Pounds, Push or Pull Area = Pressure (psi) x Net Area (sq in.) F = psi x A or F = PA CYLINDER VELOCITY or SPEED In Feet/Second v = 231Q/720A or v = .3208Q/A CYLINDER VOLUME CAPACITY In Gallons of Fluid V = ( r 2 L)/231 V= (A L)/231 CYLINDER FLOW RATE In Gallons/Minute Q = (720vA)231 or Q = 3.117vA FLUID MOTOR TORQUE In Inch Pounds T = psi d/2 or T = Pd/2 T = 63025 hp/n T = 36.77QP/n or T = 36.77Qpsi/n FLUID MOTOR TORQUE/100 psi In Inch Pounds T 100psi = d/.0628 FLUID MOTOR SPEED In Revolutions/Minute n = 231 Q/d FLUID MOTOR POWER In Horsepower Output hp = Tn/63025 Flow = rpm x Pump Displacement (Cu. In./Ref.) 231 Horsepower Input = Flow Rate Output (GPM) x Pressure (psi) 1714 Efficiency (Overall) Overall Efficiency = x 100 Volumetric Efficiency = Actual Flow Rate Output (GPM) x 100 Theoretical Flow Rate Output (GPM) ( ) Output Horsepower Input Horsepower Mechanical Efficiency = Theoretical Torque to Drive x 100 Actual Torque to Drive B 10 Hrs. Bearing Life = Rated Life Hrs. x Rated Speed (rpm) x Rated Pressure (psi) New Speed (rpm) New Pressure (psi) Velocity = 231 x Flow Rate (GPM) 12 x 60 x Net Area (sq in.) Volume = x Radius 2 (in.) x Stroke (in.) 231 Volume = Net Area (sq. in.) x Stroke (in.) 231 Flow Rate = 12 x 60 x Velocity (Ft/Sec) x Net Area (sq. in.) 231 Torque = Horsepower x 63025 rpm Torque = Pressure (psi) x F.M. Displacement (Cu. In./Rev.) 2 Torque = Flow Rate (GPM) x Pressure (psi) x 36.77 rpm Speed = 231 Flow Rate (GPM) F.M. Displacement (Cu. In./Rev.) Torque = F.M. Displacement (Cu. In./Rev.) 100 .0628 Horsepower = Torque Output (Inch Pounds) x rpm 63025 Fluid Power Formulas

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